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  • San Jose Educational Article of the Month - How to Keep Skunks Out of Your House?

How to Keep Skunks Out of Your House?

Keeping a San Jose skunk out of your house should be the first step to guarantee you of your security. Several measures have been put in place to ensure this step. The most common one being:

• Fencing
By fencing all around your house, you are ensured of safety from the California skunks. None will dare come near your house since there is a shield to keep them out.

• Keeping the garbage lids locked
One of the things that will attract the San Jose skunks to your house is the garbage. By ensuring that they are locked, you are maintaining the much required security to your property. You can also move the garbage outside in the morning of collection rather than moving them at night.

• Trimming of trees
You will find that, most of the California skunks will easily access your house using the tree branches near your house. By trimming them, you are guaranteed of security.

• Collect any fruits from trees near your house
A San Jose skunk in search of food will come near your house in case there is a tree fruit near. To make sure that you keep them off your house, collect any fruit that might be present. This will help to avoid the nuisance.

• Clean the gutter
Gutters are at some points filled with leaves from nearby trees. This might attract the skunks which are in search of food. By cleaning it off any edible materials, San Jose skunks won’t have any reason to come in.

• Use repellents to keep them off
Some repellents will work well. Skunks are the most affected animals by repellents and if your aim is to keep them off, repellents will surely do a great job.

Still not working?
If all the methods highlighted above are not that working, you can use physical methods to confront them. These include going after the California skunks yourself. Chase them and harass them. This will make them very scared of returning back.

When all is done, you will find that you will have a very good time enjoying the relative peace in your house. San Jose skunks can cause severe damage to your house and therefore they need to be kept out with all the possible methods at your reach.

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